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Consumer Notice:
Accurate Hearing Care, LLC does not participate in online sales of hearing aids. Florida law prohibits mail order sales of hearing aids.

Oticon Specials

Oticon Opn miniRITE, Oticon Opn miniRITE-T and Oticon Opn Power BTE 13 now availaible featuring "Brain Hearing" technology.

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Prices valid thru 2/28/2019

FREE Lifetime Service and Programming included with any Oticon hearing aid purchase.

Model Style Warranty Price Each
Oticon OPN 1 All Models 3/3 $2,199.00
Oticon OPN 2 All Models 3/3 $1,899.00
Oticon OPN 3 All Models 2/2 $1,499.00
ZPower Rechargeable Kit Charges pair of OPN miniRITE 1 yr repair $300.00
Oticon Siya 1 All Models 2/2 $1,199.00
Oticon Siya 2 All Models 2/2 $899.00
Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 Direct Transmit to Oticon Opn 1yr $250.00
Oticon Remote Control 3.0 Discreet Control For Oticon Opn 1yr $150.00
Oticon ConnectClip Allows Hands Free Cell And Remote Microphone Function 1yr $250.00
Streamer Pro 2.0 Purchased With Hearing Aids 1yr $250.00
Streamer Pro 2.0 Purchased Separately  1yr $300.00
Connectline TV 2.0 Accessory 1yr $200.00
Connectline Phone 2.0 Accessory 1yr $150.00
Connectline Mic Accessory 1yr $225.00