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Signia Specials

Signia Styletto

Looking for a hearing aid that doesn't look like a hearing aid? If so, you might want to consider the new Signia Styletto hearing aid. By reimagining the battery design, Signia was able to engineer a new discreet and modern form factor for the more fashion-minded hearing aid wearers out there. The Styletto is a battery-powered slim RIC that thinks outside the box of conventional hearing device design. It achieves this by by utilizing a completely redesigned, super-thin lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The new hearing aid utilizes Signia's Nx chip and has the most important Nx features, like OVP (Own Voice Processing).

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Prices valid thru 8/31/2019

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Model Style Warranty Our Price Each
Signia Styletto 7nx RIC 3/3 $1,999.00
Signia Styletto 5nx RIC 3/3 $1,699.00
Signia Styletto 3nx RIC 3/3 $1,399.00
Signia Pure Charge & Go 7nx RIC 3/3 $1,999.00
Signia Pure Charge & Go 5nx  RIC 3/3 $1,699.00
Signia Pure Charge & Go 3nx RIC 3/3 $1,350.00
Signia Pure 7nx RIC 3yr $1,899.00
Signia Pure 5nx RIC 3yr $1,599.00
Signia Pure 3nx RIC 3yr $1,199.00
Signia Cellion 7px Charger Included /Pair 3yr $1,899.00
Signia Cellion 5px Charger Included /Pair 3yr $1,599.00
Signia Silk Click 7px Instant Fit CIC 3/3 $1,749.00
Signia Silk Click 5px Instant Fit CIC 3/3 $1,299.00
Signia Silk Click 3px Instant Fit CIC 3/3 $999.00
Insio primax 7px All 3yr $1,899.00
Insio primax 5px All 3yr $1,599.00
Insio primax 3px All 3yr $1,199.00
Motion primax 7px BTE 3yr $1,899.00
Motion primax 5px BTE 3yr $1,599.00
Motion primax 3px BTE 3yr $1,199.00
Signia primax 2px All 2yr $999.00
Ace primax 7px RIC 3yr $1,799.00
Ace primax 5px RIC 3yr $1,299.00
Ace primax 3px RIC 3yr $999.00
Signia primax 1px All 2yr $899.00
Siemens MiniTek Accessory 1yr $500.00
easyTek Accessory 1yr $350.00
Voice Link Accessory 1yr $175.00
Easy Pocket Accessory 1yr $225.00
ProPocket Accessory 1yr $200.00
ePen Remote Accessory 1yr $225.00
eCharger Accessory 1yr $150.00